Top 5 Ways To Treat Hair Loss Naturally

Published: 09th January 2009
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Let's be honest - hair loss treatments work and they even regrow lost hair. But they do cost money and sometimes you just can't afford it. If that's your case, stick around as we review the top 5 natural ways to prevent or stop hair loss.

Diet: diet can influence all aspects of your health, hair loss is no exception. It also has the added benefit of making you look and feel good beyond having your hair back. You want to eat loads of whole foods and things rich in silica (like sprouts, peper and cocumbers).

Essential Oils: as long as you are not allergic, studies show that certain oils help with hair loss. Particularly, a double-blind, placebo controlled study (the most respected kind of study among doctors) has shown that lavender, rosemary, thyme and cedarwood oils together will fight hair loss.

Onion Juice: instead of applying oils you may just crush onions to make juice and apply them to your hair, because essential oils can become even more expensive than traditional treatments. A study has also shown that this has benefit, though that study is not as reliable as the one for the essential oils.

Lifestyle changes: this approach goes one step further than diet, but it is also much harder to follow. It simply means not only changing your diet, but also stop applying damaging chemicals to your hair, not air dry it, not pull it or do any perms. It means changing the things that triggered hair loss in the first place.

Saw palmetto extract: this will lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the main cause of hair loss, because it is the hormone that turns on hair loss genes that would otherwise remain asleep. Thus, saw palmetto extract works in pretty much the same way as conventional treatments, though it does not cause such dramatic effects.

Overall there are many ways to prevent and even treat hair loss. Conventional treatments are definitely the faster and most reliable ones but if you don't have the money, if these treatments have failed or if you want to power them up, you can try the techniques described above.

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